Staples – 03/02/14

I need to remind myself: it’s ok to buy things if we need/want them sometimes. Not always good at that when I’m out deal shopping. That said – I’m just thrilled with the way we were able to pull the transactions together… even if that meant we spent a little money when all was said and done. Not including tax, we’re out 26.00. Not bad considering the envelopes I wanted were 25.00 shelf price and we can easily make up this shortfall some other time. :)

I seriously NEEDED envelopes. Not that many left here and do you have ANY idea how fast I’ve been blowing through the stash with all the rebates I’ve filed lately? Egads! Too many envelopes.

The Really Useful Boxes were an absolute STEAL at that price! We tried our best to find two purples that matched, but they sure didn’t match by the time we got home. Oh well! Not the end of the world.

Thank you Team Viewer for saving my butt! Of course I only had one 10 off 50 coupon with me… then I decided to make two transactions where I could use them. Tapped into my home computer via Team Viewer, opened the folder where the coupons were saved, opened one up and took a screen shot – good to go! Next time I will pack extras if there is even a remote possibility I could change my mind once I get to the store.

2014-03-02 12.04.02


1st transaction:

500 #10 envelopes: 25.00 – 3.75 15% off q

Bic dry erase markers: 5.00

Crayola dry erase crayons: 5.29

2 Really Useful Boxes: 16.00

Minus 10.00 off 50.00 q

Plus 2.35 tax

Total OOP: 39.89


2nd transaction:

4 Hammermill reams: 31.16 – 8.00 q (pending rebates: 23.16)

2 Staples 4×6 photo paper: 20.58 – 1.54 15% q (pending rebates: 20.58)

Minus 10.00 off 50.00 q

Plus 2.01 tax

Total OOP: 34.21

Pending rebates: 43.74


All paid for with discounted Staples gift cards!

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