Staples and Petsmart – 02/10/14

I signed up for more 10 off 50 qs, so off to Staples today to buy more PAPER! I would have just included these in yesterday’s transaction, but our local Staples is out of the half cases. We had to drive to a different one.

Yes, I am recycling a pic from a couple weeks ago. Too lazy to take another pic and it’s the same stuff anyway.



1st transaction:

2 half cases Staples copy paper: 51.98 – 9.98 q (pending rebates: 38.00)

Minus 10.00 off 50.00 q

Minus 23.01 rewards

Plus 0.56 tax

Total OOP: 9.55

Total pending rebates: 38.00


2nd transaction:

2 half cases Staples copy paper: 51.98 – 9.98 q (pending rebates: 38.00)

Minus 10.00 off 50.00 q

Minus 30.00 courtesy coupon

Plus 0.13 tax

Total OOP: 2.13

Total pending rebates: 38.00


Off to Petsmart because I had a 3.00 receipt coupon expiring tomorrow. Picked up this cute little bag of Royal Canin for only 1.07 + tax. Nice deal!

2014-02-10 21.57.30

Staples – 02/09/14

Keeping it simple this week as I’m still in an “I don’t feel like shopping” mood. I’m still doing lots of rebates, but going to a store… ugh. I have to talk myself out of this mood because 1) I have a ton of rewards to spend down, 2) I need to start earning toward Premier status again, and 3) it’s just plain fun visiting with our favorite cashier each week!

No pic for this transaction as I didn’t actually bring anything home. I am having the paper shipped directly to the person I donate it to.

Not sure why, but the first kiosk order I put through had the paper ring up for 44.19. This left me quite short for using a $10/$50 q and I wondered if it was because I had signed in. Put through a 2nd order as a guest and the price came up as expected. Put through a 3rd order and discarded the first one.

1st transaction:

1 case Staples multipurpose 10 ream paper: 51.99 – 25.00 case paper q  (pending 27.00 rebate)

Minus 10.00 off 50.00

Minus 16.99 rewards

Total OOP: 0.00

Pending rebates: 27.00


2nd transaction:

Same as the 1st transaction


Total Defense Review

I mentioned that I have been doing a lot of rebates lately. They have mostly been software rebates and one of the software titles I have purchased is Total Defense.

Total Defense

A couple of months ago, I received a survey link asking me to rate the product, and in return they would send me a $25 Amex gift card. Well it was quite easy to guess correctly according to what I thought the manufacturer was looking for. Sure enough, a $25 Amex gc arrived a few weeks later.

Last week I received a call from the company, offering another $25 Amex gc if I would post a review on Newegg. Hmm… intriguing. I didn’t feel comfortable posting a review about the product without firsthand experience, so I decided to install the software on one of my computers.


I checked to make sure I met all the requirements before installing, and I did. Upon the first reboot, the desktop came up but the start menu and task bar never appeared. Within a couple minutes I got this screen:

System Shutdown

Uh oh.

I figured it was just a fluke, so I rebooted the computer. Same thing! Starting to panic here.

No problem – if I can just get to the control panel I can uninstall the software, right? This is quite impossible with no start menu/task bar…

Ah ha! Boot the machine into safe mode and I should be fine, right? NO. Same problem in safe mode: no start menu/task bar and machine shutting down momentarily.

UH OH! Panic really setting in now!

Ok, try and get to some recovery options. Last known good configuration – anything! No luck. :(

My only option was to toss the recovery disc into a portable drive and do a complete system recovery! This wasn’t exactly how I wanted to spend a whole day. :(

Momentary panic again when the recovery failed at 99%, but I ran it again and had my computer up and running on the second install. I have since spent the last week installing updates and getting the computer back to the way I had it. THANK GOODNESS this was my media streaming computer (with media stored elsewhere) and not my main computer!!

So… as far as that Total Defense review goes? I think you can fill in the blanks here. While they didn’t actually say it had to be a positive review, why do I suspect a company that’s willing to pay for reviews doesn’t want to buy negative ones?

The time I lost over this software was worth far more than $25.